April Membership Meeting Minutes

Minutes are only posted after the Executive Board has voted to approve the minutes at the following Membership Meeting. The minutes for the April Membership meeting were approved at the May Membership Meeting.

4-24-17 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

7:08pm Meeting called to order
4th Vice Chair presiding

7:08pm 4th Vice Chair report: Platform team is killing it. Our test environments are being developed along with requirements for a new website. Nothing will interfere with the current website. When we’re ready to go live we’ll flip the switch from blueutopia to our new vendor. We’re looking at ways to piece different services together. We’ve done a survey of other districts and most aren’t doing an all-in-one system like ours. Most are doing wordpress sites. We’re doing a lot of research and we’re going to start playing with a separate environment. When ready we will submit to the board. We need to figure out our budget along with the Treasurer. We’re meeting every 2nd Saturday and collaborating online. As far as Editorial, we had a lot of ambitions, but that has fallen back a bit. Yuan and I have been getting the basics of the newsletter and John’s legislative updates out.

7:13 Old Business
The newsletter went out with the new PCO names who have been confirmed by the state party. It does not include acting or one’s that were in contention.
There are duplicates, that was an error, but it doesn’t mean anything.
There is still ongoing checking to make sure all PCOs live in their districts.
We need to make sure anyone who can have their membership paid by the May meeting does so.
If you aren’t registered to vote in the 37th you cannot vote for endorsements.
Yuan will provide a list of names to E Board who are currently unable to vote because they are acting-PCOs are contested without a membership.
Alec has obtained this afternoon 54 applications for PCO. When Chase arrives they will be turned over to him for signature and then turned in to Bailey.

First Chair Cross arrived and resumed leading the meeting.

7:31 New Business:
Akilah Stewart has resigned has Chair.
We have an endorsement meeting in May. Chase as First Vice Chair can appoint an honorary Chair for that meeting. We need to give everybody adequate notice to come together for the endorsement meeting and then announce another meeting to elect the new Chair. Bylaws have already provided that May is not a regular meeting, it is an endorsement meeting. Electing a Chair should take place at a regular meeting.
Evan will need more volunteers to help out. And we need to make clear in the newsletter that people should try to arrive as early as possible to get checked in.
As soon as the 28th roll around, Evan will place an order to print credentials.
Venue change for endorsement meeting has been suggested.

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