Our Members

Our members are given the right to vote on issues that affect the organization. You can be a voting member by paying for a membership or by becoming an elected or appointed PCO. Although elected and appointed PCOs are given voting rights without having to pay for a membership, we encourage all PCOs to still pay the amount they feel most comfortable with. Our dues help pay for our expenses. None of this would be possible without your help!

37th Legislative District Membership List
The following list includes those who have paid membership dues for 2023 as of February 9, 2023, along with precinct committee officers (PCOs).

Vania Adasme

Dina Alhadeff

Kevin Allen

Christine Anderson

Justin Baird

Carrie Barnes

Barry Barnes

Ellen Barnhill

Vern Barnhill

Adam Bartz

Jim Bernthal

Logan Bowers

Beth Brunton

Cristin Carey

John Cary

Suresh Chanmugam

Michael Charles

Pat Cleary

Harriett Cody

Michael Connolly

Alex Cooley

Joanna Cullen

Kristen Dang

Charles Davis

Jan Denali

Mary Pat DiLeva

Pamela Eakes

Abraham Epton

Karla Esquivel

Tonya Evans

Hilke Faber

Vallerie Fisher

Bobby Forch

Jim Fox

Eric Gonzalez

Larry Gossett

Rhonda Gossett

Chris Gregorich

Amy Hagopian

Adam Hall

Ray Hall

Harrietta Hanson

Kirk Hanson

Robert (Tommy) Hofland

Lem Howell

Herman H. Huggins, Jr

Heena Khatri

Natalia  Koss Vallejo

Cindi Laws

Jeanne Legault

Allegra Long

Isaac Long

Jay Long

David Loud

James Lucking

Rachael Ludwick

Laura MacPherson

Sharon Maeda

Yvette Maganya

Bridgette Maryman

Anisa Mason

David McClelland

David McGraw

Lyn McKay

Carla McLean

Meredith Means

Benjamin Mitchell

Tammy Morales

Ken Mostow

Dominick Ojeda

Ramlah Ringold Olt

Rory O’Sullivan

Gordon Padelford

Brendan Patrick

Dwight  Pelz

Jeffrey Peterson

Dianne Ramsey

Bob Rench

Gwen Rench

Patti Revoyr

Bob Rosenberger

Nancy Rotecki

Hannah Sabio-Howell

Harvey Sadis

Chio Saeteurn

Rebecca Saldana

Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos

Nancy Sapiro

Mary Scanlon

Ethan Morgan  Schaffer

Jay Schwartz

Na’eem Shareef

Susan Sherbina

Jennifer Slemp

Alec Stephens

Robert Stephens Jr

Robby Stern

Akila Stewart

Hon. Chipalo Street

Joe Swinford

Patrick Taylor

Harry  Teicher

Josh Teicher

Janice Van Cleve

Hazel Walker-Jackson

Camille Walton

Kathie Weibel

Heather Weiner

Stephen  Wells

Mary Dell Williams

Tandy Williams

Tanya Woo

Larry Wyatt

Stuart Yarfitz

Bob Zappone

Marietta Zintak