Our Precinct Officers

The basic unit of organization for the Democratic Party is the precinct, and the responsible party at the precinct level is the Precinct Committee Officer (PCO). PCOs are responsible for canvassing their precinct to provide information about candidates and elections. Other responsibilities include chairing their precinct caucus during the presidential election year, electing party officers, and the adoption or amendment of bylaws. Elected PCOs are also the party officials who vote to fill a vacancy if an elected official within their jurisdiction vacates a currently held position.

Elected PCOs are voted into office during the primary election in even-numbered election years to serve a two-year term.

The following list is current as of May, 2023.

Precinct Committee OfficerPrecinct Number
Kevin Allen3673
Anne Anderson1572
Carrie Barnes1630
Adam Bartz1596
Jim Bernthal1591
Logan Christopher Bowers1831
Beth Brunton1871
Khalid Bulale1555
John Cary1936
Shuresh Chanmugam3729
Michael Charles1942
Michael Connolly1914
Joanna Cullen1885
Jan Denali1864
Mary Pat Dileva1880
Alex Erickson1827
Karla Esquivel-Rael1609
Tonya Evans1879
Vallerie Fisher1648
Bobby Forch1899
Eric Gonzalez1883
Hisam Goueli1907
Chris Gregorich1850
Amy Hagopian3967
Ray Anthony Hall1559
Adam Hall1589
Kirk Hanson1919
Joe Harrington1608
Rod Hearne2799
Tommy Hofland1934
Hannah Sabio-Howell1862
Lem Howell1920
Heena Khatri1069
Natalia Koss Vallejo1900
Japhet Koteen1612
Cindi Laws1574
Jeanne Legault1622
James Lucking3580
Rachael Ludwick3696
Yvette Maganya2686
Bridgette Maryman1838
Anisa Mason1629
Dave McClelland1916
Meredith Means1564
Ben Mitchell1641
Ken Mostow1935
Rory O’Sullivan1592
Dominick Ojeda3956
Ramlah Olt1631
Tom Poulos1566
Henrietta Price1553
Dianne Ramsey1903
Lucinda Robbins1839
Bob Rosenberger1563
Chio Saeteurn3672
Rebecca Saldaña1576
Chukundi Salisbury1636
Sharon Tomiko Santos1565
Mary Scanlon1583
Ethan Schaffer3696
Na’eem Shareef3721
Ethan Sharrigan22
Alec Stephens1613
Robert Stephens1895
Akilah Stewart1897
Nancy Truitt Pierce3871
Janice Van Cleve3966
Hazel Walker-Jackson1567
Kathie Weibel1580
Heather Weiner1947
Mary Dell Williams1568
Tandy Williams1593
Marietta Zintak1938