Become a PCO!

What does it mean to become a PCO?

The basic unit of organization for the Democratic Party is the precinct.  The responsible party at the Precinct level is the Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).  Elected PCOs are voted into office during the primary election in even-numbered election years to serve a two-year term.

If no PCO is elected in a particular precinct, then a Democrat who lives in that precinct can be appointed as the PCO. If you live in a precinct that already has an elected or appointed PCO, then you can be appointed to serve as an “Acting PCO” in a neighboring vacant precinct.

PCO’s are responsible for electing the party officers, as well as the adoption or amendment of by-laws. Elected PCOs are also the party officials who vote to fill a vacancy if an elected official within their jurisdiction vacates a currently held position.

Basic Responsibilities of a PCO are:

  1. Canvas or telephone your precinct in coordination with the election (walking lists with phone numbers will be provided to you by your district organization). It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors
  2. Chair your precinct caucus during the presidential election year.

Questions? For more information contact Meredith Means , 3rd Vice-Chair of the 37th LD Democrats at