April 2018 Membership Meeting Minutes

These meeting minutes have not yet been approved by the general membership. They will be voted on and approved at the next membership meeting.

Meeting Minutes, 37th LD Meeting

April 9th, 2018

Recorded by PCOMG: https://www.facebook.com/pcomg/videos/2134064366827380/


7:05 Call to Order

7:06 Motion to adopt the agenda. Passed.

7:07 Motion to approve the minutes. Passed.

7:07 Remarks on the passing of civil rights icon Rev. Samuel B. McKinney.

7:10 Brief treasurer’s report (financials in handout). Chair notes we are on time with PDC reporting and thanks Evan Phillips, the treasurer.

7:13 Update on the King County Democrats, the KCDCC executive board meeting on Sunday April 8, 2018, its outcome and resignation of Bailey Stober as Chair.

  • Summary of charges and outcome of trial
  • Explanation of what may be asked of PCOs should a meeting be called to elect a new chair.
  • Remarks by the Chair on the situation.
  • Remarks by State committeewoman Shasti Conrad.
  • Chair recognized member for a point of personal privilege to express their concerns.
  • Chair recognized 1st Vice Chair Chase Cross.
  • Chair intends to commit longer comments to writing.
  • Chair encourages the body that we need to take time to heal.

7:33 Chair notes the King County Convention is on Sunday, April 22, Noon registration at Aerospace Machinists Hall in South Park. Any who live in the county may attend.

7:34 Chair called the delegates elected for the state convention to stand.

7:35 Chair reminds the body about filing week and reminds PCOs to file between Monday, May 14 9am until Friday, May 18 at 4pm.

7:38 Chair thanks Gwen Wrench and Tom Schmidt for planning the fundraising dinner.

7:39 Chair asked those who attended the March for our Lives to please stand.

7:40 Chair asked those who attended our LD caucus to please stand

7:40 Chair recognized April birthdays, and anniversaries of commitment.

  • Lem Howell and his wife are celebrating their 58th anniversary on this date!

7:41 Chair announces the next month is the endorsement meeting on Monday, May 21, 2018. We may start half an hour to an hour early (notice will be sent). For those who are not elected or appointed PCOs who wish to vote at the endorsement meeting, you must be a member as of Thursday, April 26, 2018.

7:43 Chair recognizes Kalani Tissot, President, College Democrats of Washington & Chair, Young Democrats of the UW. Asks the member to attend a fundraiser dinner “We the Young” on April 18th with keynote speaker Bob Ferguson.

  • UW campus, the Hub room.
  • Regular tickets are $35.

7:47 Motion made to sponsor Young Democrats of UW dinner at $250. Seconded. Pass unanimously

7:48 KCDCC endorsements committee is meeting on May 6 and they need representation from our LD, ideally a person of color. Tamika Moss put herself into consideration. Another member put herself up but withdrew in favor of Tamika. Tamika gave short remarks about her background.

7:51 Chair asked for the body to send Tamika to the endorsements committee and unanimously approved.

7:51 Chair called for judicial candidates speak.

Willie Gregory, running Pos 5 on Seattle Municipal Court

Anne Harper, King County district court, West division, no opponent

Matthew York, King County district court, South division, no opponent

Anita Crawford-Willis, Seattle Municipal Court, Pos 4, no challenger

8:06 Sen. Saldaña, Rep. Pettigrew and Rep. Santos came forward for a panel presentation on the 2018 legislative session.

  • Update from Rep Santos on public disclosure bill.
  • Update from Rep Pettigrew on that bill and others in the session.
  • Sen Saldaña highlighted her favorite passed legislation including Voting Rights Act and same day registration.
  • Sen. Saldaña asked the body to sign initiative I-1631 for jobs and clean energy.
  • Rep. Santos highlighted some legislation they didn’t get to, including not repealing I-200.
  • Q&A

8:53 Good of the Order

Sarah Brady invited us to a Pramila Jayapal event at The Riveter on Saturday April 21st

Naim Sharif invited us to the Black Panther Party 50th Anniversary Event, April 26-28th. https://www.seattlebpp50.com/

Bob Rosenberger reminds delegates to state convention to get rooms reserved at Wenatchee West Coast Hotel for state convention

Evan Phillips notes we raised $280 tonight

Yuan Tao collecting names & emails for volunteers for Flip the 8th and 30th LD events.

Marvin Rosete is running for chair of King County Democrats.

8:59 Motion to adjourn.

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