Passed Resolution on Single Payer Healthcare

The following resolution was passed by the members of the 37th Legislative District during the November 2017 Monthly Membership Meeting. It will be forwarded to our State and Federal representatives.

A Resolution on Single Payer Healthcare


WHEREAS the Washington State Democratic Party platform supports universal healthcare and moving to a public single-payer system;


WHEREAS past State Committees and State Conventions have passed resolutions in support of single-payer healthcare with little response from our US Senators;


WHEREAS members of the Washington State Democratic party, including members of the 37th District spent much time and consideration in drafting the Party platform;


WHEREAS the continued attacks on the Affordable Care Act by Republicans have increased the public’s awareness of single-payer healthcare with over 50% of voters supporting single-payer healthcare;


WHEREAS Senator Sanders introduced US Senate bill S 1804, entitled “A bill to establish a Medicare -for-all health insurance program,” with 16 other Senators as cosponsors;


WHEREAS neither Senator Murray nor Senator Cantwell have signed on as cosponsors of S 1804;


WHEREAS The Washington State Democratic Party platform states: In order to restore progressive democracy, we expect elected Democrats to be accountable and implement the principles of this platform, using all available legal and parliamentary procedures;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the 37th District Democrats board will send a letter to each of our Senators requesting their compliance with the Washington State Democratic Party platform and expressing our displeasure with their continued refusal to cosponsor S 1804.


Submitted by Mary Pat DiLeva  10-11-17

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