October 2017 Membership Meeting Minutes

Minutes are only posted after the Executive Board has voted to approve the minutes at the following Membership Meeting. The minutes for the October Membership meeting were approved at the November Membership Meeting.

2017-10-09 – 37th LD Meeting Minutes

7:13 – Call to order.

7:14 – Previous agenda approved by the body.

7:14 – Previous meeting minutes approved by the body.

7:15 – Observations from the chair.

7:21 – Announcements. Upcoming resolutions at the next meeting:

  • Single payer
  • Three resolutions thanking Senators Cantwell & Murray and Representative Smith for their work in stopping nuclear weapons expansion.

7:22 – Aaron Corn must resign as King County Dems Male Rep due to greater work responsibilities from a promotion (congratulations!) There will be an election for a replacement next month.

7:23 – Call for recognition of birthdays and anniversaries for October.

7:24 – Noemi Maxwell announcement. She and other members of 350 Seattle are meeting with Sharon Tomiko Santos. Noemi is here to ask for signatures to support their petition to ask for a carbon tax among other things.

7:26 – Annoucement that the Ethiopian Community of Seattle is holding their fundraiser on Oct 14th at Emerald Downs. Buy tickets here or online: http://ecseattle.org/.

7:27 – Mary Williams speaking for Democrats for Diversity & Inclusion to let folks know about the breakfast and t-shirts available for sale.

7:28 – King County Proposition No 1 – Levy Lift for Veterans, Seniors and Vulnerable Populations. Call for endorsement positions. Motions made and seconded to make an endorsement in favor, in opposition and for no endorsement.

7:29 – Speakers regarding endorsement positions regarding proposition.

7:41 – Speeches end. Chair calls for a tally committee.

7:45 – Speaker from SPD South Precinct about the 2017 public safety survey will be opening on Oct 15 until Nov 30. Asks for everyone to participate. Website requested and will be included in communication to members.

7:49 – Cindi Laws announcing the Boo Bash. https://www.facebook.com/BooBashRainierBeach/

7:53 – Motion being made to sponsor Boo Bash ($100 sponsorship, $150 for candy). Motion carries.

7:54 – King County Proposition 1. No decision yet. Yes: 32 (56.1%), No: 9 (15.79%). No Endorsement: 16 (28.07%). So re-vote.

7:58 – Resolution against the nuclear arms race. Charles Davis spoke about his resolution.

8:04 – Resolution passes unanimously.

8:04 – King County Prop 1. NE: 23 (40.35%), Yes: 34 (59.65%).

8:08 – Sherrard Ewing gave presentation on new website and technology backend. Requestd folks take survey. http://beta.37dems.org/

8:11 – No endorsement: 19 (33.3%). Yes: 38 (66.6%). King County Prop 1 formally endorsed.

8:13 – Call for nominations for KC Dems Legislative Action Committee female representative. No nominations.

8:14 – Motion to affirm that December meeting will be a 2017 Holiday Party, rather than a regular meeting, at the same time. Passed by the body. December 11th.

8:15 – KJ Moon from Transit Riders Union to give a presentation about Housing for All (platform passed around on paper). Various questions taken. Website: housingforall.com

8:29 – Motion summarized: Send letter from 37th LD Democrats to mayor and city council in support of Housing for All, and communication to members asking them to write individually in support.

(various questions and discussion)

8:37 – Request by Representative Santos to amend the motion to add to the letter that we don’t displace existing people especially families and elders in our community.

8:38 – Call for vote on motion made and then passes.

8:39 – Chase Cross assigned to work with KJ Moon and Housing For All team to get 37th LD communication and information to send to members.

8:40 – Emily Carmichael from Emerge WA, national organization to recruit and train women to run for public office. Applications for their first training session in January are currently open.

8:42 – Sarah Servin on behalf Congressman Adam Smith. Spoke about bill that Rep Jayapal and he introduced to end private detention facilities for immigration purposes and put standards on facilities in general. Taste of the 9th Event on Oct 18th. https://www.facebook.com/events/172442346639382/

8:44 – Short Treasurer’s Report. New PO Box (on website as well): PO Box 14477, Seattle, WA 98114

8:45 – Quick summary of PCO walk lists and GOTV process from Juan Ponce. Please email him questions or extra list information. juan.alex.ponce@gmail.com.

8:50 – Announce PCO event

8:52 – Good of the Order

Sharon Tomiko Santos: Received message from constituent. Credit card (from Bank of America) renewal came in and during authorization asked about citizenship status. Sharon Tomiko Santos has learned that Homeland Security Department has influenced banks to ask these kinds of questions. Santos asks us to pass any information about similar incidents with her office. Email: sharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov.

John Stafford. Steering committee for Climate Action Network. Next Thursday at Rainier Beach public library port commission candidate forum at 6:30.

8:57 – Motion to adjourn.

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