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Congratulations to Our Endorsed Candidates and Campaigns

Statement regarding new members:

On behalf of the 37th Legislative District Democrats I write to apologize to Abdul Yusuf and the group of individuals who recently purchased memberships in our organization.
Questions of improprieties have been raised by members of 37th LD Democrats regarding a group of memberships that were purchased on August 27, 2015. I have spoken with Abdul Yusuf, who delivered the 15 membership applications and payment for them on that day. Based on my conversation with Mr. Yusuf I believe that to the extent that any campaign violations occurred, the violations were made by the 37th LD Democrats, not by Mr. Yusuf or by any campaign. As the chair of the organization, the blame for those errors lies with me. All political parties and campaigns must follow strict laws and procedures regarding elections and their finance and we are working hard to ensure that we remain in compliance with those rules.
These questions have made the new members feel unwelcome, which is the opposite of our goal as a district. We want all residents of the 37th district who share the values of the Democratic Party to feel comfortable and welcome at our meetings and as part of our community. 
We will work even harder in the future to make the 37th LD Democrats open, accessible, and welcoming and to ensure that those who wish to join the organization have all the information they need. I look forward to working with new members and am always available to answer questions or concerns.
Rory O'Sullivan, Chair
37th Legislative District Democrats

Statement regarding the 37th Legislative District Democrats 2015 General Election Endorsement Meeting held on September 21, 2015 and potential PDC violations:

On September 21, 2015, the general membership of the 37th Legislative District Democrats met to consider endorsements in 19 races that will be on the ballot this November. To be eligible to vote as a member of the 37th Legislative District Democrats, an individual needs to live in the district and they need to have been a dues paying member of the organization for at least 25 days preceding the endorsement meeting.

On August 27, 2015, 25 days before the endorsement meeting, we received a group of 15 membership forms along with dues for 15 members from one individual. According to state law (RCW 42.17A.470) multiple individual donations delivered by an individual, not acting on behalf of a company, union or other entity, is legal. However, the organization receiving such donation is required to record the name, address and other information about the individual delivering the donations. We failed to record this information and we have self-reported this lapse to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission.

We also determined that five of those contributions came from individuals who live outside the 37th Legislative District. We returned those contributions.

Our endorsement meeting was held on September 21, 2015 in which we considered endorsements in 19 races. When we conducted our normal review of our sign-in records after a meeting, we determined that we inadvertently provided voting credentials to three individuals who were not eligible to vote.

Our endorsement rules require that a candidate or campaign receive a vote of at least 60 percent of the membership voting in that race in order to receive our endorsement. Therefore, even with the errors that we are responsible for, there can be no doubt the campaigns who received our endorsement were supported by a clear majority of those who validly cast ballots in those races at the endorsement meeting.

A review of the votes taken at our September 21, 2015 meeting show that there were three races that were decided by three or fewer votes, Seattle City Council District 3, Seattle City Council Position 8, and Seattle Proposition 1. We do not know how the three individuals who were improperly credentialed voted. It is not our intent to rescind or take back any endorsements made at our endorsement meeting.

Everything described above represents errors made by the 37th Legislative District Democrats. As Chair of this organization, I take full responsibility for these errors and I will work to ensure that such errors do not occur in the future.

We look forward to building an even stronger organization for the critically important Presidential and statewide elections that will occur next year.

Rory O'Sullivan, Chair
37th Legislative District Democrats

Welcome to the homepage for the 37th District Democrats, the local Democratic organization for those living in the Central District, Pioneer Square, the Rainer Valley and portions of unincorporated King County and Renton.  Please check our Facebook page and Twitter account for the our most recent updates and events.

We meet on the second Monday of every month from 7:30 to 9:00 at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center near the intersection of Rainier Ave S, and S Alaska St in historic Columbia City. Everyone is welcome, so please join us!