37th LD Democrats 2022 Election Endorsements

Pursuant to endorsement votes held in May, June, and September, the following are the 2022 endorsements of the 37th Legislative District Democrats.

Note: The general-election endorsement voting for 37th Legislative District State House Pos. 2 was inconclusive and will advance to a second ballot at our October 10 meeting. According to our endorsement rules, in cases where a second ballot is required, members who were eligible to vote in the first round will have the opportunity to cast a second ballot. (Section 3 > Voting on Candidates > Second Round) Full endorsement rules

U.S. Senate
Patty Murray

U.S. Congress 7th Congressional District
Pramila Jayapal

U.S. Congress 9th Congressional District
Adam Smith

Washington State Secretary of State
Steve Hobbs

37th Legislative District State Senate
Rebecca Saldaña

37th Legislative District State House Pos. 1
Sharon Tomiko Santos

37th Legislative District State House Pos. 2
The general-election endorsement voting for this office was inconclusive, as neither candidate received 60% of the vote. This office will advance to a second ballot at our October 10 meeting.

King County Prosecutor
Leesa Manion

WA Court of Appeals,
Division 1, District 1, Pos. 1
Ian Birk

WA Court of Appeals,
Division 1, District 1, Pos. 7
Janet S. Chung  

Seattle Municipal Court Pos. 3
Pooja Vaddadi

Seattle Municipal Court Pos. 4
Anita Crawford-Willis                  

Seattle Municipal Court Pos. 5
Willie Gregory

Seattle Municipal Court Pos. 7
Damon Shadid

WA Supreme Court Pos. 1
Mary I. Yu

WA Supreme Court Pos. 5
Barbara Madsen

WA Supreme Court Pos. 6
G. Helen Whitener

King County Superior Court Pos. 2
Kristin Ballinger

King County Superior Court Pos. 18
Jason C. Poydras

King County District Court West Electoral District Pos. 1
Lisa A. Paglisotti   

King County District Court West Electoral District Pos. 2
Kuljinder Dhillon

King County District Court West Electoral District Pos. 3
Rebecca C. Robertson

Ballot Measure
King County Proposition 1, Conserve Our Future
(parks & green space)

A Statement in Support of Reproductive Rights

Having reproductive rights means having the ability to decide whether and when to have children. This entails the ability to plan a family, terminate a pregnancy, use contraceptives, learn about sex education in public schools, and gain access to reproductive health services. For a half-century our citizens have relied on these rights. To turn back the clock on this would tear at the very fabric of society. This egregious threat would affect not only everyday, private family planning, but would force such unthinkable situations as compelling individuals to carry to term pregnancies conceived via rape or incest. 

Especially relevant in our diverse district is the fact that abortion restrictions disproportionately affect people of color. Black and brown people are far more likely to die or experience other health complications in childbirth. There are large disparities in access to contraception, sex education, and culturally-competent care. And an unexpected pregnancy has huge financial implications for families trying to make ends meet.

The 37th LD Democrats stand in strong support of reproductive rights.

With the alarming news of a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, the 37th LD Democrats stand with our Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, cosponsors of S. 1975, a bill that would codify the right to an abortion. 

For a list of organizations that support abortion access and provide funds for abortion, visit this site: https://donations4abortion.com/ (includes lists of latina/o-led organizations and black-led organizations).  

For those willing to help promote access to abortion in Washington State (and to help fund travel, transportation, and lodging for those who might be coming to Washington State to get an abortion), consider donating to or volunteering for the Northwest Abortion Access Fund https://nwaafund.org. It is possible to volunteer to provide rides or temporarily house someone who needs it.

(Photo: Reuters)

Black History Month Panel Discussion

On February 14, the 37th LD Democrats hosted a Black History Month panel discussion featuring VIP guests Reverend Harriet Walden, Councilmember Larry Gossett and 37th LD Board Member Alec Stephens. The wide-ranging discussion touched on such topics as critical race theory, community displacement, and policing. Watch now!

Links to Vaccine Locator website:

LanguageVaccine Locator
Simplified Chinesehttps://VaccineLocator.doh.wa.gov/?language=zh-CN
Traditional Chinesehttps://VaccineLocator.doh.wa.gov/?language=zh-TW