June 2018 Endorsements Meeting Minutes

These meeting minutes have not been approved by the membership.

7:01 Chair gaveled meeting to order.
7:06 Agenda approved by unanimous acclamation.
7:06 Chair recognized passing of DeCharlene Williams and Don Alexander. Both were longtime members of the 37th LD Democrats who made deep and lasting impressions on our city and region.
7:09 Body observed a moment of silence for DeCharlene and Don.
7:10 Special thanks to Mike Connolly and Juan Tao who made sure we reminded everyone on our list to file for PCO. Chair remarked on number of judicial races that will not be contested. We will not be taking up endorsements for all of those. Chair recognized judges in the audience who had asked for our endorsement. Chair thanked our credential committee and vice chairs who made arrangements to carry out the endorsement meeting.
7:15 Chair announced that alternates to the state convention will be needed to replace delegate Lem Howell who has other family obligations the weekend of the state convention. Shasti Conrad was recognized for being elected First Vice Chair of King County Democrats.
7:17 Chair recognized birthdays.
7:18 Chair called Vice Chair Juan Ponce to present acting-PCO filings for four members. Moved and seconded to approve all four applications. Passed unanimously.
7:20 Chair called Vice Chair Derek Richards to give details about the summer picnic. July 15th at 4pm at Judkins Park.
7:21 Saturday May 19 – two initiatives were filed. COPE convention unanimously endorsed I981 and one other to bring diversity back to Washington state. Need 300,000 signatures. Sheets will be out by this coming Memorial Day weekend.
7:23 Collecting signatures for I1600 universal healthcare ballot initiative.
7:24 I1068 signature gatherers are telling people the initiative is too lower tabs, but that is wrong – the initiative would actually change collective bargaining laws and is being funded by the Kock brothers.
7:25 Chair explained endorsement process.
7:37 Moved and seconded to table endorsement of King Co Prop 1 until next meeting when more details are available.
7:38 Ballots were distributed to members and PCOs.
7:41 Maria Cantwell and Rev. Rivers nominated for U.S. Senate.
1 Minute speech in favor of Maria Cantwell
30 second speech in favor of Maria Cantwell
No speeches in opposition
1 Minute speech in favor of Rev. Donovan Rivers
No 30 second speech in favor of Donovan Rivers
30 second speech in opposition to Donovan Rivers
7:49 Ballots were collected and tabulated.
7:51 Pramila Jayapal nominated for 7th Congressional District
Moved and seconded to endorse by unanimous acclamation. Passed!
7:52 Adam Smith nominated for 9th Congressional District
Sara Smith nominated for 9th Congressional District
7:53 No endorsement 4 votes 7.3%. Don Rivers 2 votes 3.6%. Maria Cantwell 49 votes for 89.1%.
7:54 One minute speech for Adam Smith
30 second speech in favor of Adam Smith
No speeches in opposition
One minute speech for Sara Smith – no one rose to speak in favor of Sara Smith
7:57 Voting commenced and ballots collected.
7:59 Rebecca Saldana nominated for Legislative District 37 State Senate. No other nominations. Unanimous acclaim passed.
8:02 Eric Pettigrew nominated for LD 37 State Rep.
No other nominations. Eric Pettigrew endorsed my unanimous acclaim.
8:02 Result for CD 9: 1 spoiled ballot. 2 for No Endorsement 3.6%. Sara Smith 4: 7.27%. Adam Smith 49: 89.1%.
8:07 King County Prosecutor: Darren Morris moved and seconded. No Endorsement moved and seconded.
1 Minute speech in favor of Darren Morris.
30 second speech in favor of Darren.
No speeches for or against No Endorsement.
8:11 Voting commenced and ballots collected
8:12 State Supreme Court Justice Position 2: Justice Owens nominated. Moved and seconded to endorse by unanimous consent. Passed.
8:13 State Supreme Court Justice Pos 8: Justice Steven Gonzalez nominated. Moved and seconded to endorse by unanimous acclaim. Passed.
8:14 State Supreme Court Justice Pos. 9: Justice McCloud nominated. Moved and seconded to endorse by unanimous acclaim. Passed.
8:15 53 ballots. Darren Morris 42 votes: 79.2%. No Endorsement 11 votes: 20.8%. Total 53.
8:16 Sharon Tomiko Santo endorsed by unanimous acclaim.
8:17 All unopposed judges endorsed as a slate by unanimous acclaim.
8:20 Move to adjourn. Seconded. Passed.

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