July Membership Meeting Minutes

Minutes are only posted after the Executive Board has voted to approve the minutes at the following Membership Meeting.  The minutes for the July Membership meeting were approved at the August Membership Meeting.

7-10-17 37th LD Dem Meeting Minutes

7p Chair calls the meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda approved by unanimous acclimation

Minutes adopted by unanimous acclimation

7:03p Election of the 3rd Vice Chair of Political Operations. Handles PCO recruitment and training and work around elections. Responsible for being in contact with candidates for office and other responsibilities.

Moved and seconded to nominate Juan Ponce to 3rd VC.

No other nominations made.

Juan Ponce elected by unanimous acclimation.

3rd Vice Chair Ponce addresses the body and expresses his willingness to engage with any members and help with PCO duties.

7:05p Treasure’s report.

Treasurer provided an overview of finances. Current balance at over $6,800 with zero debt. Treasurer’s report is available through the Public Disclosure Commission’s website.

Treasurer provided an overview of the annual budget and took questions.

Motion and second to adopt the Annual Budget. Adopted unanimously.

7:16p Chair discusses housekeeping items. Former Senator Adam Kline has been appointed by the Chair to the E Board in an at-large position.

Chair provided materials and brief remarks on parliamentary procedure.

Chair discussed motions from previous reasons.

Chair made remarks concerning the turmoil within the 37th LD arising around the beginning of this year. Chair called for unity in the face of Trumpism even when we lose a vote or disagree with our fellow Democrats.

7:38p Literature for August primary is at the printer. Seattle.gov/democracyvoucher has info on democracy vouchers for anyone who may have misplaced them or is not sure what they are for.

7:48p Endorsement regarding King County Proposition 1.

Speaker endorsing YES on Prop 1.

Speaker in favor of YES on Prop 1.

Speaker against YES on Prop 1.

Speaker against YES on Prop 1.

Speaker endorsing NO ENDORSEMENT on Prop 1.

Speaker in favor of NO ENDORSEMENT on Prop 1.

Speaker against NO ENDORSEMENT on Prop 1.

Speaker in favor of NO ENDORSEMENT on Prop 1.

Speaker against NO ENDORSEMENT on Prop 1.

8:03 While ballots are retrieved, New Business was discussed.

Resolution to the 37th urging Federal and State leaders to support Single Payer Health Care. Resolution passes overwhelmingly.

8:09p Chair introduces Noah Purcell, Solicitor General for the State of Washington.

Solicitor General Purcell addressed the body and revealed he is a resident of the 37th LD.

Solicitor General Purcell discussed the case challenging the Trump Administration’s religious-based travel ban.

8:29p Chair notes that today is the funeral for Charleena Lyles. De-escalate Washington presents their Initiative 940 which removes the “with malice” clause from state law during criminal prosecutions.

Moved and seconded to endorse signing Initiative 940. Passes by unanimous vote.

8:41p Chair announces result of Endorsement on Prop 1. 60.93% endorsing YES on Prop 1. 37th LD endorses YES on Prop 1.

Sarah with Rep Smith office provided on update on Congress.

Session begins tomorrow.

Seems the health care bill is losing support. Likely a vote this week.

With health care craziness the GOP in the House is passing many anti immigration bills. They would deny funding to sanctuary cities.

Adam Smith town hall at the end of July.

Rachel reports on the King Co Democrats. Endorsements are complete. Fundraising and outreach are going ahead. They are hiring an Exec Director. Salmon Bake raised $17k.  Summer of Canvass events are occurring now. This Saturday is a canvass you can find info on the WA Dems website.

John reports on KCLAC.

Representative Tomiko Santos and Senator Saldana reports on education funding passed in the legislature.  Still in session because Senate has not passed a capital budget. We did pass an operating budget to avoid a government shut down.  Senate Republicans refuse to pass a capital budget without tying it to a water bill that is opposed by every tribe in the state.  House passed a capital budget unanimously. Senate Republicans still refuse to budge.  Chair closing remarks.


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