Democracy in Action: Learn about the 37th LD Democrats’ Endorsement Process!

Welcome to the 37th District Democrats’ endorsement process! As the Vice-Chair of Communications for the 37th LD Democrats, I want to provide you with some information about our endorsement process for candidates and members.

On April 10, 2023, the 37th LD Democrats membership approved the adoption of updated endorsement rules aimed at increasing transparency and efficiency in the endorsement process. Those rules are posted here. The updated rules differ from the previous rules in some important particulars. The new rules eliminate Second Round voting by tallying the First Round down to ONE remaining candidate or ballot measure and eliminating the possibility of the 37th District Democrats making a dual endorsement. 

If that Candidate or ballot measure position receives 60% on the final round of elimination and reallocation they would be the endorsed candidate or ballot measure position, if not the district would list the result as “No Consensus Achieved”. Any race where the result is “No Consensus Achieved” in the Primary Election Endorsements would be eligible to be reconsidered in the General Election Endorsements.

It is also possible for people to vote for “No Endorsement” as an actual choice, similar to voting for a candidate. A member’s motion and another member’s second is required for No Endorsement to appear on the ballot. If No Endorsement receives 60% of the votes at any point, that becomes the final decision on that ballot. That is different from No Consensus Achieved, which is when nothing gets 60% of the votes. In the event that one candidate or No Endorsement receives 60% of the votes, that candidate or No Endorsement shall be declared the endorsed candidate for the 37th District Democrats.

For Candidates:

If you’re a candidate for elected office and your office represents at least one precinct in the 37th Legislative District, and you state in writing that you are a Democrat (judicial candidates excepted), then you’re eligible to seek our endorsement. To prepare for our endorsement meeting, fill out the King County Democrats questionnaire. If you have filled out a questionnaire for the KC Democrats, email the same questionnaire to

Additionally, there must be at least two members willing to put forward a motion to endorse you as a candidate. You should prepare a statement in favor of your candidacy for our endorsement meeting.

Statements by Candidates and Members:

Each candidate (or representative) seeking the endorsement of the 37th District Democrats will be given one minute to make a statement in favor of the motion to endorse his or her candidacy. Questions for candidates are not in order. Voting members may make a 30-second statement in favor of a motion to endorse a candidate, with no more than two members speaking for each candidate. Statements by members shall alternate in the order motions were made. The Executive Committee may by special rule adjust the time allotted for debate on a specific candidate.

After an endorsement, what now?

If you receive our endorsement, please share it widely (we will provide you with our logo, etc.). Build momentum, talk to voters, and get out the vote (GOTV).

Timeline and Key Dates for Candidates:

For Members:

If you’re a member of the 37th LD Democrats, we encourage you to participate in our monthly meetings (second Monday of every month) and vote during our endorsement meeting (ballots are sent to your email and are due by 5pm on Wednesday of that week). PCOs and members who were elected, appointed, or have paid dues at least 25 days prior to the endorsement meeting are eligible to vote on endorsements.

How to endorse a candidate:

A candidate is eligible for endorsement only upon a member’s motion to endorse that candidate and another member’s second of that motion. A member’s motion and another member’s second is required for No Endorsement to appear on the ballot. With the exception of judicial candidates, all candidates moved and seconded by members shall be eligible provided they declare in writing that they are a Democrat. An option is to have a completed KCDCC Candidate Questionnaire on file with the KCDCC declaring themselves to be Democrats. The Chair shall not close the floor to motions in a given race until they have called for motions a minimum of three (3) times without a response.

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