January 2018 Membership Meeting Minutes

Minutes are only posted after the Executive Board has voted to approve the minutes at the following Membership Meeting. The minutes for the January Membership meeting were approved at the February Membership Meeting.

Meeting Minutes, 37th LD Meeting, January 8th, 2018


7:05 Meeting called to order

7:06 Minutes adopted

7:07 Treasurer’s report — Holiday Party brought in more than $3,000 through tickets and memberships. Exact figures will be presented to membership. All records are now consolidated for the last five years. A new budget will need to be adopted this year.

7:11 Remarks from the Chair covering offices up for election. Our party is in a much better position than we were before. We must work to strengthen our ties to each other and plan out the work that we need to do. Chair is asking for authorization for $800 to pay for a facilitator and lunch for an Executive Board retreat. The retreat would be used to plan for upcoming elections and the LD Caucus and State Convention.

Chair remarked on #metoo and #timeisup. At the last state party meeting there was a serious debate regarding a “code of conduct.” That debate is not finished.

7:22 Chair discussed the beginning of the 2018 cycle. Chair asked appointed and elected PCOs to also pay dues to help fund the operations of what we want to do.

7:25 Chair announced and recognized Sherrard Ewing for serving as our 4th Vice Chair for Communications and Technology. Sherrard is stepping down as 4th VC. Sherrard is working to recruit a successor, but a vacancy is announced to be filled at the next meeting.

7:27 Chair recognized December and January birthdays and life commitments.

7:29 Chair reminded the body that at the Holiday Party we usually recognize two outstanding volunteers. Chair recognized those volunteers with the Sue Matzi award. Rachael Ludwick and Tandy Williams. Rachael was recognized for her outstanding efforts to help get 37th members out of our safe district and into competitive districts throughout King County. Tandy Williams was recognized for her excellent work to fund the Holiday Party and her years long commitments to the 37th LD.

7:34 Chair recognized Bailey Stober, Chair of King County Democrats to make some remarks. 2017 was a good year for Democrats in King County. We added two annual events — Salmon Bake and Holiday Party. Hired an Executive Director. Opened permanent office space in South King County. Raised $167k in 8 months. We won an entire slate on the Burien Council. We won the WA State Senate. In 2018 we need to continue the collaboration. KCDems have a $300k budget proposed. Internship program will be expanded. Launch a Native Votes program. Working to build a sustainable party. King County Chair announced he has decided not to seek re-election at the end of his term.

7:41 Vacancy for King County Democrat Male Committee Rep. Chair calls for nominations. Chukandi Salisbury nominated and seconded. No other nominations. Elected by unanimous acclamation.

7:45 New Business: Moved and seconded to authorize expenditure of $800 for Executive Committee Retreat. Passed unanimously. Chair expressed his gratitude.

7:47 Candidate Presentation from Washington Supreme Court Justice Sheryl McCloud. Justice McCloud discussed the importance of civil and constitutional rights. Justice McCloud wrote the opinion for our court that you can not put adult sentences on children, even if state law is unclear. Authored opinion in the case where a gay couple went to a florist and were refused that protected the couple’s right to be free of discrimination. Chair of the Court’s Gender and Justice Commission.

8:00 Chair introduced candidate for Seattle Municipal Cort — Andrea Chen. Andrea will address us officially at a later meeting. She is running for the court that handles misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors. It is the busiest court in Seattle. Andrea works for Pete Holmes in the City Attorneys office. Lives in the 37th in Mount Baker.

8:02 Congress has been in recess until yesterday. Adam Smith will be working on another Continuing Resolution. Looks like one will be passed through March. Congressman Smith will be doing PCO and constituent coffees throughout the district.

8:03 John Stafford gave King County Legislative Action Committee report. Next meeting will be the 21st of January. Lobby Day is on President’s Day, Feb 19. Go to Olympia and meet with legislators to talk about policy. It will be at the Labor Council building. Start of Legislative Session.

8:07 State Central Committee will be meeting Jan 27th in Bellingham.

8:08 Good of the Order

Refugee Women’s Alliance provides valuable services to refugees and immigrants. They invite us to march with them at the 2018 Womxn’s March. Website will have details. www.rewa.org.

Tandy Williams conveyed the Executive Board’s appreciation for Sherrard Ewing.

Transit Riders Union and Nicklesville are working together in our district. Nicklesville needs a community liaison.

Rachael pitched a canvass on the 21st. It will be in Auburn to flip the 8th.

Chair commented on MLK Day coming up. Asked members to do our part to observe the holiday weekend.

8:15 Moved and seconded to adjourn.

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