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2017 April Meeting Minutes
Thu, Apr 13, 2017 - 11:38 PM
37th District Democrats, Membership Meeting
April 10, 2017

Please note that these minutes are not final until they are approved by the membership.

7:08 - Call to Order
7:10 - Flag salute
7:11 - Approval of previous meeting minutes tabled till next meeting
7:11 - Introduction of officers. Present: Chase Cross (1st vice chair), Derek (2nd vice chair), Alec (state committeeman), Rachael (KC delegate), John Stafford (KC LAC), Evan (treasurer).
7:13 - Request to appoint a parliamentarian for the meeting. Michael Wolfe appointed.

Discussion around PCO Appointment Process
7:14 - Motion to amend the agenda item “Report on Results of Party Findings on PCO Appointment” to move to beginning of the agenda was made and seconded. Chair called for us to hear two short statements in favor and opposed to moving the agenda item.
7:14-7:18 - Short statements about adjusting agenda.
7:18 - Vote on moving the agenda made. Chair called it for the Nos.
7:19 - Acknowledgement of Passover and missing members and statement from the chair.
7:21 - Chair reminds everyone of the code of conduct.
7:22 - Report on Results of Party Findings on PCO Appointment. Document from the state party. Key points summarized from this document:
  • Appointment process for the 37th LD Senate seat judged to have been done properly.
  • It was according to party rules that KCDCC Chair Bailey Stober did not approve applications in February.
  • The re-vote process in March should have been communicated better.
7:27-7:34 - Various questions from members.
7:34 - Chair recognizes Tina Podlodowski, chair of the state party, to speak to the issue. Tina notes that they are in process of being signed but the main concern is to make sure we go through and check that all of the applications are valid (applicant lives in their precinct). 83% so far have been fine. Also notes that there have been issues in four other areas in the state which has caused the state party to try to make the process is streamlined.
7:36-7:46 - Questions to Tina. 
 - Question: when will this be resolved. Tina: within a week.
7:46-7:50 - Chair recognizes Alec Stephens (37th state committeeman) who asks the membership to consider holding further questions or comments to allow the rest of the agenda to move forward.
7:50-7:52 - Tina closes discussion and ask anyone with concerns to speak with her.
7:52 - Chair starts recognizing present elected officials to speak.

State Senator Rebecca Saldana
7:52-7:56 - Chair acknowledged Rebecca Saldana. Session update: April 23rd is end of session but we will likely be in special session to deal with budget. Bill on human trafficking sponsored by Saldana passed out of House and Senate and likely to be signed. Transportation budget was hard (attempt to strip collective bargaining for example), but now moved to House. Full budget including still in conflict with version in House as Republican Senate version is not good. Senator Kuderer, Wellman and she working with Chase, Hasegawa etc forming a new caucus to talk about tax reform. Considering making a state bank to address some of the most regressive taxes in the state.
7:57 - Saldana introduced her campaign manager (missed name). Closed out to ask people to talk to her and that it is important, but we also need to recruit. Call from her: in 37 days she wants to recruit 37 members.

Seattle City Councilwoman Lorena Gonzalez
7:58 - Lorena Gonzalez, Seattle city council member, spoke. She’s running for re-election. In 2015, she was the only candidate endorsed in the primary by the 37th. Chairs the Gender Equity, Safe Communities and New Americans. Asks for the 37th:
  • Fighting to get a civil defense fund ($1 million) created at city to protect immigrants. Asks for the 37th’s support.
  • Fighting for paid family and medical leave at state level. Asks you to email your state representatives to make it a priority, especially if you are a small business owner.

Representative Adam Smith
8:02 - Sarah Servin spoke, representing Representative Adam Smith (9th Congressional District). Community engagement fair a few weeks ago which was successful but there will be another one more politically focused but with no date yet. Protecting Data at the Border Act introduced by Adam Smith to keep people from being arbitrarily searched at the border.

Review of Endorsements Process
8:04 - Review of the Endorsements process from Michael Wolfe. Note: rules not summarized here. Notable questions:
  • For non-partisan races require declaration of Democratic party affiliation? Yes.
  • Will we have a list of candidates ahead of time? We will try to, but people can file up to the very end. See King County elections:
  • Question about membership procedures and their membership not being listed. Michael Wolfe asks for folks to take up concerns with membership with Treasurer in advance and that list of eligible voting members.
  • Will we print out rules? No, on website.
8:17 - Chase makes a commitment to have rules available on the day of endorsements meeting in printed form.

Candidates for Elected Office

 - Chair calls for us to recognize folks running for office to speak.
8:17 - Teresa Mosqueda, running for Seattle City Council, Position 8, spoke. She is participating in the Democracy Voucher program.
 - Nikita Oliver, running for Mayor of Seattle, spoke.
8:25 - Sheley Secrest, running for Seattle City Council, Position 8, spoke. She is also participating in the Democracy Voucher program.

Representative Pramila Jayapal
8:28 - Chair recognizes Shelby Eisler, representing Pramila Jayapal’s office to give updates. She just started as Jayapal’s campaign field director. Requests for action:
  • The 6th Congressional District race includes candidate Jon Ossoff. Phone bank at Ballard public library on Saturday, April 15th, from 11-1 and then coordinating carpool to BLM march. There will be a virtual phone bank as well if you can’t make it to Ballard.
  • April 22nd, Earth Day, we’re having an event and asking for volunteers to help plan.

Candidate for Elected Office
8:34 - Chair recognizes Jamie Smith, running for Renton City Council position 6, spoke. She’s a PCO in our district.

Legislative Action Update
8:36 - John Stafford update on state legislature and last Legislative Action Committee meeting.
  • Levy Cliff bill was passed.
  • House Democrats asks for 3.5 billion new money to fund education. Republican proposal is only 0.3 billion despite rhetoric (would raise taxes at state level and lower local taxes).
  • Democrats are proposing new taxation in the form of capital gains and increase of B&O tax (threshold to pay B&O tax would increase to $250,000). Republican proposal would cut social services.
  • Stafford predicts that the issue of education funding will extend the session until June.
  • Environmental legislation bright spot: a carbon tax may come into the budget negotiations late, as it may appeal more than a capital gains.
  • Joe McDermott also spoke at LAC meeting about juvenile detention center, which overall he continues to support.
  • Joe McDermott supports Seattle and King County groups non-support for immigration enforcement requests.
  • McDermott also spoke about raising property tax percent limit
  • Next LAC meeting will be at the Burien Public library, Sunday, April 23rd, 1:30-4. 
  • Stafford spoke with Sharon Santos before meeting. Notes that we will be passing a REAL ID act at the state level and that likely we would be passing a two-tiered system but she wants to structure it to encourage more people to get the regular ID.
  • Santos also said there is a proposal for capital funding of housing projects such as the one here at the ECS, which was not in the House budget bill but is in the Senate bill, likely reconcilable.

Emerge America
 - Call for new Business.
8:44 - A representative from Emerge America recognized. She says they are starting a chapter in Washington with goal of getting more women elected. Specifically talking about boot camps. June 9th-11th specifically for women who are running.

Question to Chair about Meeting Minutes
8:46 - Question to chair about when the meeting minutes for March will be approved. Chair determinse it will need to be June meeting as the May meeting will be endorsements.

Seattle City Disabilities Commission
8:47 - Chair recognized Cindi Laws. She spoke about Seattle city disabilities commission. Good news about Port of Seattle. In 2015 started and joined the airport accessibility board, and recently the Port commission has taken up the challenge to become the most accessible airport. In 2018 is the US Special Olympics and the goal is to improve accessibility by then. She requests that anyone who wants to be involved or give information, come talk to her. Please aso thank Stephanie Bowman and Fred Felleman who were critical to doing this.

Good of the Order
8:49 - Good of the Order
8:50 - Tandy Williams spoke about how you use Democracy Vouchers.
8:51-8:55 - Two members (? & Adam Kline) spoke about their concerns regarding Fircrest School, which supports disabled people, which might be closed, one in opposition and one in favor. Bill number: S-5594 ( 
8:56 - Bob Rosenburger reminds folks you might need to go ask for your democracy vouchers as they may not have been sent in the mail or lost.

 - Motion to adjourn made and seconded.

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