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Updates on the 2017 Washington State Legislature Session - March 2017
Mon, Mar 6, 2017 - 10:59 PMPosted by Sherrard Ewing in The Legislature
Capitol Building in Olympia
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Hello, Members of the 37th Legislative District Democrats!

Here are the latest developments in Olympia, coutesy of our diligent and thorough King County Legislative Action Committeeman, John Stafford and King County Legislative Action Committeewoman, Yuan Tao.

There are numerous highlights, such as competing measures to address the McCleary Decision, competing Carbon Tax Measures, Proposals to Increase Police Accountability as well as those to label violence Police as a Hate Crime. There are a couple gun control proposals as well as proposed legislation to restrict use of public restrooms by transgendered persons.  The WA State Legislature definitely reflects the political currents at the National Level in 2017.

Editors Note: This was originally posted on March 6th and update March 15th.  For the most current status of Legislature, go to the Bill Finder on the WA State Legislature's website.

Bill Description Bill # Sponsor(s) Status
1. Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy Carbon Tax ($15/ton with Annual Inflation plus To-Be-Determined Escalation Increases) HB 1646/ SB 5509 Fitzgibbon (D)/Carlyle (D) Introduced
2. Governor Inslee's Carbon Tax Proposal ($25/ton with Annual Inflation plus Escalation Increases) HB 1555 / SB 5127 Doglio (D)/Ranker (D) Introduced in House; Out of Committee in the Senate
3. Stand for Children Department Ecology Carbon Reduction Targets (Based on Best Available Science) HB 1372 Pettigrew (D) Introduced
4. Washington Growth Management Act - Protect New Water Well Drilling in Rural Areas SB 5239 & SB 5024 Warnick (R) / McCoy (D) 5239 Passed Senate - Introduced in House; 5024 Introduced in Senate
5. Model Toxics Control Act SB 5170 Ericksen (R) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
6. Oil Spill Response - Increase Revenue SB 5425 / HB 1210 Saldana (D) / Fitzgibbon (D) Introduced
7. Oil Train Safety SB 5462 / HB 1611 Saldana (D) / Pettigrew (D) Introduced
8. Change Lethal Force Police Prosecution Standards

SB 5000 / HB 1000

HB 1529 / SB 5073

McCoy (D) / Doglio (D)

Santos (D) / Frockt (D)
9. Hate Crime Statutes for Violence Against Police SB 5280 / HB 1398 Rivers (R) / Lovick (R) Introduced
10. Repeal Death Penalty SB 5354 / HB 1935 Carlyle (R) / Pettigrew (R) Introduced
11. Enhanced Background Checks for Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines SB 5444 / HB 1387 Saldana (D) / Pettigrew (D) Introduced
12. Safe Gun Storage Requirements SB 5463 / HB 1122 Saldana (D) / Santos (D) Introduced
13. Access to Associates Degrees in Prisons SB 5069 / HB 1129 Hasegawa (D) / Pollet (D) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
14. "Ban the Box" Restrictions on Requesting Conviction History on Job Applications SB 5312 / HB 1298 Saldana (D) / Santos (D) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
15. Ban Safe Injection Sites SB 5223 / HB 1298 Miloscia (R) / Rodne (R) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
16. K-12 Education Levy Clif Extension SB 5023 / HB 1059 Saldana (D) / Fitzgibbon (D) Passed Both Chambers
17. Senate Republican K-12 Budget to Comply with McCleary SB 5607 Schoesler (R) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
18. Democratic K-12 Budget to Comply with McCleary SB 5623 / HB 1843 Saldana (D) / Santos (D) Passed House; Introduced in Senate
19. Require School Buses to Have Seat Belts SB 5054 Rolfes (D) Introduced
20. Ban the Use of Handheld Devices While Driving SB 5289 / HB 1371 Miloscia (R) / Farrell (D) Each Bill Passed Respective Chamber; Introduced in Other Chamber
21. Washington State Compliance with Federal Real ID Act SB 5008 / HB 1041 Mullet (D) / Santos (D) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
22. Family and Medical Paid Leave Insurance SB 5032 / HB 1116 Keiser (D) / Santos (D) Introduced
23. Impose Restrictions on Use of Bathrooms by Transgendered Persons HB 1011 Manweller (R) Introduced
24. Voting Rights Act - Increase Liklihood of Districts Changing from At-Large to District Elections SB 5267 / HB 1800 Saldana (D) / Pettigrew (D) Passed in House; Introduced in Senate
25. Change Sound Transit Board to Elected Officials SB 5001 / HB 1029 O'Ban (R) / Santos (D) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
26. Granting Wheelchair Taxi-Cabs Access to HOV Lanes SB 5018 Hasegawa (D) Passed Senate; Introduced in House
27. Embargo on Lobbying After Public Service SB 5120 / HB 1159 Carlyle (D) / Pellicciotti (D) Introduced
28. Establish State-Owned Bank SB 5464 / HB 2059 Hasegawa (D) / Santos (D) Introduced
29. Senate Rule to Require Two-Thirds Majority to Raise Taxes Senate Rule Baumgartner (R) / Ericksen (R) Adopted
30. Refer to Voters a Consitutional Ammendment to Ban State and Local Income Tax Proposals SJR 8204 / HJR 4207 Fortunado (R) Out of Committee in Senate; Introduced in House
31. Require a Biennial Tax Expenditure Budget from State Legislature SB 5513 / HB 1500 Saldana (D) / Santos (D) Introduced
32. Update Public Records Act to Increase Fees and Make Other Changes HB 1594 / HB 1595

Pettigrew (D)

Fitzgibbon (D)

Both Bills Passed House; Introduced in Senate
33. Shield WA State Data from Federal Government from Potential Use in Religious Registry SB 5308 Saldana (D) / Santos (D) / Pettigrew (D) Introduced
34. Move WA State Presidential Primary from May to March and Make Primary "Open" SB 5333 / HB 1469 Miloscia (R) / Hudgins (D) Passed Senate; Introduced in House

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