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2017 February Meeting Minutes
Tue, Feb 14, 2017 - 10:45 AMPosted by Yuan Tao
Minutes for our Monthly Membership Meeting for February 13th, 2017.

Meeting minutes taken and provided by Secretary Stephen Reed.

7:11 Call to order

7:12 Flag Salute

7:13 Opening remarks by newly elected Chair, Akilah Stewart

7:14 Strike “approval of minutes” from agenda because no minutes taken during January re-org meeting.

Executive Board Introductions

7:15 Chase Cross First Vice Chair made introductory remarks.

7:17 Sherrard Ewing Fourth Vice Chair made introductory remarks

7:20 3


Vice Chair Jeanne Legault in charge of PCO and membership recruitment made introductory remarks

7:20 Stephen Reed, Secretary made brief introductory remarks.

7:21 Rachel and Aaron Corn, KCDCC representatives made introductory remarks.

7:22 Shasti Conrad, State Committeewoman made introductory remarks and recapped WA Dems ReOrg that elected Tina Podlodowski as Chair.

7:26 John Stafford and Yuan Tao, KC Legislative Action Committee representatives made introductory remarks.

7:28 Michael Wolfe, KCDCC Male Alternate made introductory remarks. Requested members notify him about any new Initiatives that you hear of.

7:29 Jess Lewis King Co State Committeewoman requested everyone join on Feb 26


for Rapid Response Teams.

PCO Appointments

7:30 Description and appointment of PCOs to open precincts. Chair read chief responsibilities of PCOs.

7:31 Introduction of PCOs.

7:51 Reading of oath of PCOs by Chair.

7:52 5 minute recess

7:59 Moved to appoint PCOs. Seconded and passed unanimously.

8:01 Contested precincts: election of appointed PCOs. Each PCO given 1 minute. Neither PCO candidate in attendance, moved and seconded. Motion carries.

[SEA 37-1944] contested precinct election. Michael Taylor vs Sarah Welch. Sarah stepped down and asked to be appointed caretaker of a different precinct.

KCLAC Report and Direct Action

8:06 Chair introduced KCLAC representatives and was interrupted by “We shall overcome.”

8:07 John Stafford starts with comments by Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos. Addressed sign on of GOP bill to change Sound Transit board structure. She supports transit. The current structure represents taxation without representation model.

8:10 Meeting interrupted by out of order members.

8:12 Chair recognized call for adjournment.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12p.

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