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Updates on the 2017 Washington State Legislature Session - February 2017
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One of our primary goals of the 37th Legislative District Democrats is to keep our members and PCO's informed of the issues being addressed in the current State Legislative Landscape.

Luckily, our diligent King County Legislative Action Committeeman, John Stafford, works very hard to keep executive board appraised of recent developments in Olympia.

At the beginning of 2017, John put together an excellent write-up in the South Seattle Emerald, surveying the national and state Landscape.  While I urge you to read the whole thing, John covered such notable highlights as:
  • Senator Doug Ericksen's (R-Ferndale) plan to propose a bill to criminalize protests that disrupt transportation and commerce.
  • A plan to amend (remove) the State's constitutional requirement for fully funded education.
  • Proposed legislation to have Central and Eastern Washington secede from Western Washington and form a new State called Liberty.
These proposals sound like cruel jokes but they are, sadly, actual legislative proposals.

Given the national political climate, it should be hardly surprising that more extreme elements of the Republican party feel emboldened to propose such dangerous legislation.  It's all the more important for the member of the 37th Legislative District to be informed of the issues at the state level in addition to the local level.

With this in mind, the newly-elected executive board will be working to bring regular updates of State Legislative issues to our members.

Below is a list of bills floating around the State Senate and House. Some highlights include:

  • Carbon tax proposals
  • Bi-partisan proposals to repeal the death penalty
  • Proposals to ban drug injection sites
  • Proposals to increase accountability in police use of force
  • Proposals requiring a super majority for raising taxes

As you can see, this session is off to an interesting start.  There's a lot going on, but we've included a description, the Senate/House Bill number and Bill Sponsor, the status (as of this blog post).

If there are any bills that you are concerned about, be sure to contact the bills sponsors with your concerns.  And don't be shy to thank any congresspersons whose bills you happen to support!

Bill Description  Bill No.  Sponsors  Status 
Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy Carbon Tax ($15/ton with Annual Inflation plus to-be-determined escalation increases) HB1646 Fitzgibbon(D) Introduced
Stand for Children Department of Ecology Carbon Reduction Targets (Based on Best Available Science) Pending Farrell (D) Not yet introduced
Washington Growth Management Act - Protect from New Water Well Drilling in Rural Areas

SB 5239 / SB 5024

Warnick (R)
McCoy (D)



Model Toxics Control Act Funding Pending Pending   Not yet introduced
Oil Transport Safety Bill HB 1210

Farrell (D) Fitzgibbon(D)

Change Lethal Force Police Prosecution Standards SB 5000 / HB 1000 McCoy (D) / Doglio (D)  Introduced
Hate Crime Statutes for Violence Against Police SB 5280 / HB 1398 Lovick (D)  Introduced in House
Repeal Death Penalty Pending Miloscia (R) / Orwall (D) Not yet introduced
Ban Safe Injection Sites SB 5223 Miloscia (R) Introduced
K-12 Education Levy Cliff Extension HB 1059 Kagi (D)Fitzgibbon(D) Passed House 
Require School Buses to Have Seat Belts SB 5054 Rolfes (D) Introduced 
Have Washington State Comply with Real ID Act SB 5008 / HB 1041 Mullet (D)  Introduced
Paid Leave in Washington State Variety of Proposals -- Hearings underway 
Senate Rule to Require 2/3 Majority to Raise Taxes Rule  Baumgartner (R) / Ericksen (R) Adopted
Refer to Voters a Constitutional Ammendment to Ban State and Local Income Tax Proposals SJR 8204  Fortunato (R) Introduced 
Require biennial tax ependiture budget from State Legislature SB 5513 / HB 1500 Saldaña (D) / Santos (D) Pettigrew (D) Introduced

For more current information, click any of the detailed links above or visit the Washington State Legislature Website.

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