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Chair's Corner March 2012
Mon, Mar 5, 2012 - 09:36 PMPosted by Michael Wolfe

Commit to Caucus

by guest author Jaxon Ravens,

Executive Director Washington State Democrats

In 2008, the Washington State Democrats hosted the largest Precinct Caucus in United States history. We're hoping history repeats itself in 2012. (1)

The Washington State Democratic Precinct Caucuses are on April 15th, beginnning at 1:00pm. The Precinct Caucuses are you chance to be a part of the movement that keeps Barack Obama in the White House.

This past Saturday Washington Republicans gathered fro their Caucuses and we saw how devided the republican Party remains in their search for a presidential candidate.  We need you to come out to our Caucusees on April 15th to show that we stand behind our President.

Click here to commit to caucus on April 15th, and we'll make sure you get up-to-date information on the 2012 Caucuses and Conventions.

Attending your Precinct Caucus is also a great way to shape the Democratic Party Platform and work toward becoming a dlegate to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The Precinct Caucuses are jus thte first of several steps on the road to the National Convention.

We've created a training video explaining how to become a national delegate. We've also posted an FAQ, links to important documents, and a list of important dates.

Visit and bookmark our Caucus information page to find the latest news about the 2012 Caucuses and Conventions:

President Obama may not be facing oppostition, but we still need you to caucus. We need to show that, while the other side is fighting ove the nomination, our support of President Obama is strong.

Please Commit to caucus today!




Jaxon Ravens, 

Executive Director Washington State Democrats



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