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Chair's Corner February 2012
Mon, Feb 6, 2012 - 01:19 PMPosted by Michael Wolfe

Pledge to Come to Caucus

On Febraury 1st Mitt Romney said the he was "not concerned about the very poor" because thay have an "ample safety net." Wow!

I agree with Mitt that the middle-class is facing troubles during these hard times, but I was stunned at his implication that the poor aren't also suffering - and am truly surprised that he can only focus on one section of America's people at a time!

Don't allow Republicans like Mitt to run our country and our state!

Now is the time to get involved and get back the energy we had four years ago.  I know many of us are still struggling economically.  But as the February 3rd jobs report showed, President Obama's recovery plans are working, despite the Republican's all-out war to make Obama fail.

250,000 new jobs creaded in January and the unemployment rate down to 8.3%

We have a perfect opportunity here in Washington State to continue the progress that has happened under President Obama despite Republican roadblocks, and to end the gridlock in the other Washington. It is up to us to not only re-elect President Obama but also to give him the progressive Congress he deserves, by electing Democrats up and down the ballot.

The process for re-electing Obama begins sooner than you think!  On Sunday April 15, we will once again meet with our neighbors at our precinct caucus and, like we have every four years, have a disscussion on the direction we want our country and our state to head.  From these caucuses we will elect delegates and find new volunteers, fellow Democrats that will help us build our party.  This year, I hope to see new and seasoned Democrats come together in a truly united effort to assure the re-election of President Obama, the election of Jay Inslee and the election of Democrats in the 37th LD, Washington State, and all across our great nation.

Take the "Pledge to Come to Caucus" and take part in making sure our Democratic values say:

  • We are concerned about the very poor, because we know the social safety net is not an adequate substitute for a family-income job;
  • We are concerned about the middle class, and stand with them against the erosion of the living wage;
  • We are concerned about the elderly, and demand a strengthened Social Security and Medicare, because seniors shouldn't have to choose between food on the table and the medicines they need to be healthy;
  • We are concerned about civil rights, social justice and empowering the voices of all peoples regardless of the color of their skin;
  • We are concerned about women's rights, because every person regardless of gender should have equal apy for equal work;
  • We are concerned about LGBT rights, because every couple should be allowed to enjoy the many blessings of marriage.

Take the Pledge to Come to Caucus today and join us on Sunday April 15!

To take the pledge, simply send an email to with the subject "I Pledge to Caucus" and add you contact information. We will then remind you for your pledge and send you all the information you need to attend.  Once you have taken the pledge send an email to your friends and family and ask them to take the pledge.  By attending your caucus you and your family and friends can make a deffierence in your community, your state and your counrty!

Michael Wolfe


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