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Passed Resolution in Opposition to New Seasons Market Expansion in Seattle
Sun, Oct 8, 2017 - 10:12 PM
This resolution was passed by members of the 37th Legislative District Democrats in the August 2017 Membership Meeting.

A Resolution in Opposition to the Expansion of New Seasons Market in Seattle

Whereas, an out-of-state grocery chain called New Seasons Market is expanding its operations to the Puget Sound Region, including planned stores in the Central Area and Columbia City;

Whereas, New Seasons Market presents itself as a socially responsible natural foods company, but is, in fact, majority-owned by private equity investors through Endeavour Capital which is funded by the Vancouver-based Murdock Charitable Trust; and

Whereas the Murdock Charitable Trust has contributed millions of dollars to organizations that actively undermine Northwest values of mutual respect, inclusiveness and tolerance and has supported anti-LGBTQ, anti-women and anti-worker organizations; and

Whereas, New Seasons Market, a non-union employer, provides employees with substandard health and retirement benefits, compared to unionized Seattle-area grocery workers, and New Seasons
employees lack the just cause protections afforded to union grocery workers through their collective bargaining agreements;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the 37th district Democrats opposes the entry of New Seasons Market into our Puget Sound communities;

and Be It Further Resolved that the 37th district Democrats provide copies of this resolution to New Seasons Market management, our elected officials, Vulcan, and Lake Union Partners;

and Be It Further Resolved that the 37th district Democrats will publish this resolution on its website and in other online and print publications, as appropriate.

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