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2017 August Membership Meeting Minutes
Sun, Oct 8, 2017 - 08:06 PM
Minutes are only posted after the Executive Board has voted to approve the minutes at the following Membership Meeting. The minutes for the August Membership meeting were approved at the September Membership Meeting.

Minutes of the 37th District Democrats August District Meeting—8-14-17
  • Chair calls meeting to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Agenda approved by unanimous acclamation
  • Previous meeting’s minutes approved by unanimous acclamation
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Treasurer reports $5,751.19 and zero debt
  • Remarks from the Chair
    • Answer to questions about names on walk lists and availability of literature
    • Next month to be general election endorsements, review of rules regarding races that will be taken up
    • Comments regarding events in Charlottesville and in Seattle
  • Chair recognizes John Stafford, presenting on 2017 Washington state government legislative session
    • Capital budget still not passed; Republicans hold up budget over water rights in rural and suburban districts
    • 195 total days of legislative session
    • McCleary updates: claim of $7 billion in new funding for schools way short, actual increase amounts to $2.1 billion per annum which may not meet McCleary decision requirements
    • Washington State has 40th lowest education funding per capita in nation, 30% decrease in the last twenty years
    • 50th most regressive tax structure; proposed, new progressive taxes failed in the legislature
    • John Stafford gives McCleary funding by legislature a “D” rating personally, suggests new funding is neither progressive nor adequate to the McCleary decision
    • Review of key bills passed by the legislature
  • Chair announces resignation of King County Legislative Committeewoman Yuan Tao
  • Chair opens floor to general election candidates for comments and Q&A
    • Cary Moon, running for Mayor of Seattle, speaks
    • Juan Cotto speaks on behalf of Jenny Durkan, running for Mayor of Seattle
    • Zachary DeWolf, running for Seattle School Board District 5, speaks
    • John Urquhart, running for King County Sheriff, speaks
    • Jami Smith, running for Renton City Council Position 6, speaks
  • Chair recognizes Tammy Morales, who is offering a resolution for consideration by the executive board condemning the development of a New Seasons Market grocery store in the district\
  • Chair takes up PCO applications, turns over to 3rd Vice Chair Juan Ponce
    • Linda Oliver, precinct ANGEL CITY(appointed)
    • Nate Willson, precinct 1883 (appointed)
    • Abdirisak Ahmed, precinct 1643 (appointed)
    • Tanya Bagley, precinct 1927 (appointed)
    • Chio Saeteurn, precinct 1825 (acting PCO)
  • Recommended Appointments confirmed by unanimous acclamation; to be sent to King County Democrats for final approval.
  • Chair recognizes 1st Vice Chair Chase Cross, who calls for participation in the Washington State Democratic Party’s Summer of Canvas program, shares sign-up sheet for same
  • Chair informs membership that the resolution regarding single payer healthcare has been sent on to King County Democrats (KCDCC) for consideration with a pending resolution on the same subject.
  • Chair recognizes Adam Kline, who urges participation in Summer of Canvas
  • Chair recognizes Bob Rosenberger, King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee Chair announced that House Speaker Frank Chopp will be the featured speaker at the next LAC meeting.
  • Chair closing remarks
  • Motion to adjourn

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