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Redistricting and Races to Watch for in 2012
Mon, Feb 6, 2012 - 01:18 PMPosted by Michael Wolfe

When the 37th District Democrats have our next meeting on Monday February 13, the redistricting commission's plan will have taken effect.  Most of the 37th LD will have a new Congressperson, Rep. Adam Smith (D-09), and we look forward to welcoming him to our district.

The 37th LD will be growing in size this year. We will be gaining precincts in the Central District, Beacon Hill, Skyway and Renton, but loosing a few in Pioneer Square and Tukwila.  We are now a part of the new majority-minority 9th Congressional District.  Until the end of the year we will actually have two State Senators, as we welcome Sen. Margarita Prentice from the 11th LD.

Elsewhere in the the state there will be two vacant congressional districts, the 1st, vacated by Jay Inslee who is running for Governor, and the newly created 10th.  Both districts are key to the Democrats regaining our majority in the House of Representatives and both will be highly competitive!

The Governeor;s office is also at Stake!  Governor Gregoire is stepping down after eight hard fought years and our choice here is clear.  Do we want the conservative in disguise Rob McKenna, running Washington State with the the likes of Tim Eyman and Kemper Freeman? Or do we want Jay Inslee - a real progressive who will fight for the poor and the middle class?  Jay's campaign will need all the help we can give him, a good turnout in the 37th LD will go a long way to keeping the Governor's office in Deomcratic hands.

It should be an interesting, exciting, and fun 2012, so dust off those walking shoes and get ready to work for our future and the future of Washignton. 

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